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A National Center of Excellence

S.M.A.Art is a Centre of research and education of the University of Perugia which joins together six different Departments of the University and some laboratories of the National Interuniversity Consortium for Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM).
S.M.A.Art develops activities:
-  to promote the co-operation between human and physical sciences;

- to offer academic and research Institutions, dedicated to the study and preservation of national and European cultural heritage, an integrated body of resources and competence in both historical and scientific fields;

- to create, through research, new highly-qualified professional figures with a knowledge on the cultural heritage also from the point of view of materials and their properties;

- to develop new investigation methods and portable instruments for non-destructive in situ studies.
The Centre SMAArt participates to international and national research projects. In particular, in Europe, S.M.A.Art has been the Coordinator of the Eu-ARTECH Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (FP6) and participated to the Marie Curie program EPISCON (European PhD in Science for Conservation). Currently S.M.A.Art is the Coordinator of CHARISMA, an EU-funded integrating activity project carried out in the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme "Research Infrastructures". 

Centre S.M.A.Art offers access to its instrumentation and competences.

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