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Objectives of the Centre are:
- to promote the co-operation between human and physical sciences;
- to offer academic and research Institutions, dedicated to the study and preservation of national and European cultural heritage, an integrated body of resources and competence in both historical and scientific fields;
- to develop new investigation methods and portable instruments for non-destructive in situ studies;
- to create, through research, new highly-qualified professional figures with a knowledge on the cultural heritage also from the point of view of materials and their properties;
- to contribute in establishing productive activities in the fields of conservation and restoration of archaeological and historical artefacts.
The short term programmed activity of the Centre consists of integrated scientific-humanistic studies, such as:
1- prototipical archaeological studies with geophysical prospections and analyses of the materials from the excavations in order to establish their provenance and age; 
2- historical and artistic studies with non-destructive characterization of the constituent materials and of the manufacturing techniques, combined with the study and identification of alteration and modification processes undergone since their manufacture; 
3- scientific studies for the application of new advanced non-destructive laboratory methods of analysis to the study and preservation of cultural heritage; 
4- studies aimed at the design and set-up of portable instrumentation for non-destructive, in situ investigations, to be used for analysis of immovable artefacts such as sculptures, frescoes, architectural decorations and of precious artworks that cannot be moved from their usual location.

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