About the Journal

VIRT&L-COMM is a new international online electronic scientific magazine offering a forum for presenting the work carried out by Virtual Innovation, Research, Teaching & Learning Communities. This magazine is the result of a joint endeavour of the COMPCHEM Virtual Organization (VO), of the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN) Association and of MASTER-UP s.r.l.

VIRT&L-COMM is a scholarly open access online Magazine requiring no payment neither from the authors nor from the readers. VIRT&L-COMM publishes at present two issues per year to promote Molecular and Materials Science, Teaching and Learning, Computer Science research. The magazine is also specialized in education and innovation and focuses on Service Oriented approaches. Therefore, in addition to articles, news, projects, reports of (successful or failed) attempts to build services relevant to the field of interest, lists of best practices, products used, the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions adopted will be considered for publication.

Sections available:

  • EDU: stands for Education and contains articles on teaching and learning subjects making use of networked electronic means. Editorial Board: Reiner Salzer (Dresden, Germany), Emmanuel Sinagra (La valletta, Malta), Anthony Smith (Lyon, France), Evangelia Varella (Thessaloniki, Greece).
  • R&D: stands for Research and Development and contain articles on Molecular and Materials Science. Editorial Board: Luciano Milanesi (Milano, Italy), Stavros Farantos (Heraklion, Greece), Ivan Cernusak (Bratislava, Slovakia).
  • ICT: stands for Information and communication technology and contains articles on Computer Science research, education and innovation for networking research communities. Editorial Board: Luciano Gaido (Torino, Italy), Isabel Campos Plasencia (Santander, Spain).

Paper submissions is entirely online. A paper is accepted only when the online procedure (see Guide for Authors) is followed and the guidelines are fulfilled.

Editorial Note.

Perugia, 29 January 2014

At the end of the second year of life of this e-magazine we have considered, under the request of some authors, to improve some of its features.

The first and more innovative one is the introduction of a new section aimed at hosting the opinion of the authors unhappy about the reasons given by the editor of an official journal for refusing their papers. The section is called Science Reject and contributions submitted to it must contain the original paper, the refusal letter of the editor and a text of the authors stating the reasons for being unhappy.

The second feature is to open the e-magazine to non-English contributions, especially in the education section (as it has occurred in the present and in the previous issue), provided that an extended abstract in English is also jointly submitted.
We confirm also that, while keeping for the next year the semestral periodicity of the publication (as it has occurred this year) the willingness to publish special issues for conferences, workshops and meetings.
The Editorial Board
A. Laganà, C. Manuali, S. Rampino, N. Faginas Lago