EChemTest® 2021 Accounting - Strategies and Perspectives


  • Carlo Manuali


EChemTest® [1] is the electronic Self Evaluation Session (SES) test service managed by the Virtual Education Community (VEC) of the ECTN [2] Association to the end of evaluating the Chemistry competences of individuals using e-tests based on the Questions and Answers (Q&A) of the Core Chemistry Libraries which are a de facto European standard. EChemTest® SESs are operated by National Test Centres (NTCs, or simply TCs) and their associate Accredited Test Sites (ATSs), using a) the on line LibreEOL [3] assessment system running properly selected sets of SESs evaluating the answers provided by the test takers; b) the Chem-Learn [4] portal allowing both the planning and the accounting of the relevant credits/debits of the TC/ATSs according to the Prosumer [5] model and the incomes generated by the provision of the EChemTest® SESs to third parties. Here the Chem-Learn innovative features implemented for the year 2021 are illustrated and discussed.






Information and Communication Technology